November 21, 2014
Send Holiday Cards to Your Clients
Image courtesy of Kari Kileen Custom Invitations and Stationery

Last week I wrote about creating a process for bringing on new clients. Part of that process is adding them to your mailing list, so that after that "new client smell" has worn off you'll still show some love to your existing clients.

There's a good chance that you only talk to your clients once or twice per year, or when they call you. You know you should reach out more, but you're just too busy!

If you spend a large portion of your time prospecting for new leads, then staying in touch with existing clients can actually save you time. As we've heard dozens of times before, "It's easier to sell to existing clients than it is to gain new clients."

Rather than working lists, sell another policy to your current clients. They probably don't even know what other products you offer, so you have to make them aware.

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Don't be a cashier, be a trusted advisor

By only speaking to clients occasionally, you become a cashier for the carrier - you complete transactions and not much else in your clients' view.

When you keep in touch with your clients, you can:

  • Build your relationships
  • Learn more about clients' lives
  • Become easier to refer
  • Earn their trust
  • Become a friend
  • Ensure renewals
  • Sell more!

Action step: send Christmas cards

Even though you are probably buried in work and appointments since we're in the middle of AEP, it's not too late. Don't let that become an excuse for not sending cards to your clients! Whether you pick up a box of generic cards at your local office supply store, or have custom cards printed, it's time to get this done. Even if this costs $1-2 per client, consider that an investment into improving your odds of getting a renewal, though that's not the only reason you should do it. Do it because you care about your clients!

This is just one way of reaching out, so I hope you'll take action by sending holiday cards to your clients, rather than just reading this and telling yourself you'll do it next year. They'll appreciate the gesture.


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