Get Ready For 2022/2023 AEP Medicare Advantage Sales

Get Ready For 2022/2023 AEP Medicare Advantage Sales
October 3, 2022

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Welcome to the 2022 AEP for CY2023 enrollments, which lasts from October 15-December 7. We're ready for another great AEP season!

As everyone knows, it's been a year of a lot of disruption on many fronts.

I'd like to talk a little bit about what's changing, from the new compliance regulations, MedicareCENTER updates, and great enhancements from nearly every carrier in our portfolio.


2023 Carrier Enhancements


Aetna has made a tremendous D-SNP investment across the board. Their formulary has also taken on some great improvements, which means it'll be less expensive for beneficiaries as far as their out-of-pocket exposures.

A lot of PPOs are going to a $0 premium, and their dental benefit is also going up to $7,000 in some markets! Aetna is really stepping up their game for 2023.

Elevance Health (Anthem)

Elevance, which used to be Anthem, is expanding into 145 new counties for 2023. Again, we're seeing major improvements in what they have going on in the Medicare Advantage space.

Elevance, like many other carriers this year, is going to a one-card system. Their dental, vision, hearing, OTC benefits, and more are all being combined onto one card.

There's a continued commitment to their D-SNP product. It's the second largest expansion of any carrier out there when it comes to the D-SNP side.


Cigna surprised us all this year with a tremendous announcement – their D-SNP HMO product has a $20,000 preventative/comprehensive annual maximum on dental. It's absolutely unheard of, and when I first saw it, I thought they made a typo!

Cigna is also moving to a single card system as well for their over-the-counter benefits, which can even include groceries and utilities. It's an incredible product improvement.

Cigna is adding 584 counties and a $75 health risk assessment payment to brokers. Get involved with that, because it helps everyone. It puts money in your pocket and is great for the beneficiary as they have an opportunity to talk about their health and how to make it better.


Humana has a new spending account card with allowances that are increasing for DVH, OTC products, utilities, pet care, and more. It's all in one card.

In addition, more than 9 out of 10 Humana products with have an embedded dental benefit.

We can't do enough for our veterans out there, and Humana is stepping up big time with Honor plan enhancements. Take a look at the new VA-specific Honor plans.

You'll find $0 Rx on all D-SNP and most C-SNP plans. Again, all D-SNP plans will have $0 out-of-pocket prescription drug exposure going forward with Humana!

Humana is also introducing some travel benefits on the HMO product.

United Healthcare

UHC is the bull in the china shop as it were. They write 30% or even a little more than that of all Medicare Advantage products. They are expanding in 314 new counties for 2023. 

About 95% of all Medicare eligible people in the country will live in a UHC county. That's almost unheard of! On top of that, 98% of that population will have access to a $0 premium product with UHC. 

UHC is also increasing DVH and prescription drug benefits. Their U-Card One Card System puts all benefits on one card, which seems to be the common theme of 2023 plans.

You may also notice the 70% increase in brand marketing and a $75 Health Risk Assessment (HRA) reimbursement back to you. Again, do that HRA with your clients. It benefits everyone.


WellCare has made a tremendous investment in their agent-friendly system for 2023.

Keep a look out for those improvements, which will make your sales process that much easier.

We are so proud of what all of these carriers have done this year!

MedicareCENTER Improvements

MedicareCENTER has come out with a slew of improvements, just in time for AEP. 

Here are some of the new features: 

  • Call Recording
  • Mobile App
  • LeadCENTER Integration
  • CRM Tagging

Check out this announcement to learn more about all of these new features!

Compliance Changes

If you haven't already, get coached up on the new compliance changes!

I recommend watching this webinar replay with compliance expert, Chalen Jackson.

Medicare Advantage Training Hub

If you haven't already, check out and utilize our Medicare Advantage Training Hub!

It includes a guided video training series that will take you from the AHIP through a Medicare Advantage plan enrollment (and everything in between).

Plus, each video in the 5-part training series includes resources to help you continue your knowledge of MA sales, including training slide decks, marketing materials, and related training videos.

MA Sales Training

Don't Forget Your AHIP!

If you plan on selling MA, MAPD, and PDP plans this fall, be sure to complete your AHIP if you haven't already.

We've put together a list of discounts offered by different carriers, which you can view here: 2023 AHIP Certification Discounts.


Happy hunting out there – it's going to be a great year. Contact us if you have any questions about MedicareCENTER or any of the products we can offer our clients for 2023.

Good selling!

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