Case of the Week: Life Policy Review

This case was a referral from a Med Supp client.

Client: Male, age 63 — Preferred, non-tobacco

Current Policy

  • Death Benefit: $269,621
  • Cash Surrender Value: $149,948
  • Premium: $2,000 annual

Options Presented

  1. 1035 exchange ($149,948) only
    New death benefit of $585,160 117% increase!
  2. 1035 exchange ($149,948) only
    Death benefit of $534,449 98% increase! AND
    Monthly LTC benefit of $21,378
  3. 1035 exchange plus $2,000 annual premium
    New death benefit of $698,063 158% increase!
  4. 1035 exchange plus 2,000 annual premium
    Death benefit of $635,879 135% increase! AND
    Monthly LTC benefit of $25,435

HUGE COMMISSION on this case!

The agent is able to improve benefit(s) in all 4 scenarios.

Is it time you added a Life Insurance Review to your practice?

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