8 Ideas to Make the Most of Life Insurance Awareness Month

8 Ideas to Make the Most of Life Insurance Awareness Month
September 7, 2021

Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) happens every September, and it's a great time to join the larger conversation about the need for life insurance.

If you've never done anything special for LIAM, perhaps this year is the time to start! Here are 8 ideas from the New Horizons marketing team to help you make the most of LIAM this year.

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1. Make a Facebook Business Profile.

Facebook is a great platform to spread the word about life insurance, especially during LIAM in September.

According to Pew Research Center, about half of Americans over age 65 use Facebook – a 30% increase since 2012. Plus, among adults who use Facebook in the U.S., 7 out of 10 report visiting the site daily. 

Simply put: if you want to share a message, Facebook is a great platform to use.


If you don't have a Facebook business profile yet, it's time to create one.

Need a step-by-step guide? Download the Facebook page guide for agents.

First, you'll need to create a personal Facebook page if you don't have one yet. Then, create a Page and add all of your business information, including images and your logo.

You can also add a Call to Action button for your page, such as "Call Now" or "Get Quote." The last step is to ensure you have content to share on your page. Head on to the next tip for some LIAM content.

2. Download the Life Insurance Awareness Social Media Assets.

Spread the word about Life Insurance Awareness Month with our free social media assets. Choose from 7 social media images and 6 copy suggestions – mix and match to create your ideal LIAM message.


Be sure to use the "September Is Life Insurance Awareness Month" image so your followers know what the month of September is all about.

Get the Life Insurance Awareness Social Media Assets

3. Put a Poster or Flyer in Your Office to Draw Attention to the Special Occasion.

When everyone bands together to bring awareness to life insurance in September, your prospects and clients will start to notice it. Add to that momentum by displaying something visible or tangible in your office.

Perhaps it's a poster about life insurance, a flyer on your front desk, or a brochure display with some messaging about life insurance.

Not only are you helping spread the word that everyone can benefit from life insurance, but you're showing your clients and prospects that you're involved and are up-to-date on what's happening in your industry.

If you want a flyer that's already been created, Life Happens Pro has a few options in the free plan, though it will be branded. We'll go over Life Happens Pro more in an upcoming tip.


4. Include a Unique Introduction in Your Email Newsletters.

If you send any email communications to your clients and prospects, add an introductory message about Life Insurance Awareness Month.

For example:

Dear <First Name>,

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, a time of year where we focus our attention on the need for life insurance. Life insurance isn't just for newlyweds or homeowners – it's also important for those who are retired or are planning for retirement.

Life insurance can help with final expenses, estate planning, long-term care planning, and so much more. In this newsletter, you'll find several resources to help you learn more about life insurance after age 65.

5. Add a Slide About Life Insurance Awareness Month to Your Lobby Monitor.

If you have an office where you see clients, consider adding a LIAM message in your lobby area.

In our local agency, we have a TV on the wall where we play a slideshow that features fun facts, products we offer, the history of our agency, and more. It's a nice way to add value while our clients are waiting for their appointment.

LIAM slide in agency lobby

LIAM slide close up

Adding a quick slide about LIAM is a great way to stay relevant and freshen up your lobby experience.

6. Add a Line to Your Email Signature about Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Adding messages to your email signature is a great, free way to get the word out about important events or campaigns.

For the month of September, consider adding a line about Life Insurance Awareness Month. 

Simple messaging like "Ask me about Life Insurance Awareness Month" or "It's Life Insurance Awareness Month – ask me about free policy reviews" is a quick way to add to your momentum.

LIAM email signature

7. Check Out Life Happens Pro for More Marketing Materials.

Life Happens is a nonprofit organization that helps consumers take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products.

Life Happens Pro assists with that mission by providing marketing materials sales agents can use to spread the word. Life Happens Pro currently creates marketing assets to support Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM), and Insure Your Love.

The marketing team at Life Happens Pro creates everything under the sun, including:

  • Videos
  • Flyers
  • Animated Quotes
  • Documents
  • Graphics
  • Brochures
  • Social Media Calendars
  • Email Templates

Life Happens Pro for LIAM 2

If you want access to everything – included non-branded versions – you have to subscribe to Life Happens Pro, which costs up to $79/month.

However, you can utilize the Lite plan, which is free, and you'll still get access to 40+ pieces of content, 10 of which are for Life Insurance Awareness Month.

After you create your free Life Happens Pro account, go to the Content area and Filter by Lite plan only and Campaign: Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM).

You should see a total of 10 assets you can use, including a video, flyer, and some social media images, like this one:

Life Happens Pro for LIAM

8. Include a Flyer About LIAM When You Deliver Policies.

For any policies that you deliver to your client, consider dropping in a flyer about ancillary products or life insurance.

It doesn't have to be Life Insurance Awareness Month to use this tip – many agents use the policy delivery as an opportunity to continue the conversation and schedule another appointment.

You can check out the free life insurance flyer available from Life Happens Pro, or you could create your own using a self-service design platform like Canva. Just select a template you like, add your own copy and images, and you'll be all set.

Learn more: How to Design a DIY Brochure For Your Insurance Agency Using Canva


Awareness months, like LIAM, are a great way to be a part of the larger conversation. Join in on the momentum and help educate and inform your clients and prospects about the need for life insurance.

From covering final expenses to estate planning to finding a way to prepare for long-term care costs, life insurance is a great tool for many seniors. 

To learn more about selling life insurance, check out our library of life insurance articles for agents and our Ultimate Guide to Selling Life Insurance in the Senior Market.

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