August 26, 2014

Do you need a reason to offer a Life Insurance Review for your current Medicare Supplement clients?

Here's a great reason, in our Case of the Week.

Our agent’s client "winters" in Florida. This agent, who has the client’s Medicare Supplement, did a review and discovered his client had purchased life insurance while in Florida (labeled below as current policy). The agent requested an up-to-date illustration from the client’s company. After examining the coverage, the agent and New Horizons went to work to see if we could provide a better solution.

Case of the Week

Male age 73

Current policy:

  • Annual Premium: $30,000
  • Current Death Benefit $350,000
    (only guaranteed for 9 more years; current side to age 121)

Proposals presented to client for same $30,000 annual premium

John Hancock Protection UL

  • $642,248 death benefit
  • Offers 17 yrs of guaranteed coverage
  • Current side to age 125 with cash build

American General GUL

  • $662,506 death benefit
  • Guaranteed 27 yrs

KSKJ Whole Life

  • $476,380 death benefit
  • Guaranteed to age 121

*This is a Participating Whole Life. In 10 years the death benefit will be $514,963. In 15 years the death benefit will be $557,976. (with substantial cash)


The client had 3 solid options, and went with the KSKJ policy because he’s interested in the cash build in the event he terminates the policy down the road. Had he placed more importance on the income tax free death benefit alone, the John Hancock and American General policies would have been the better fit.

Major point - we (as agents) are the assistant buyers for our clients. The client “knows” what is most important to them. The agent did a great job presenting 3 fantastic options!

Ask yourself again: How many of your current clients have life insurance with another agent?

Contact Kirk if you’d like to start writing life insurance. Agents are making substantial commissions while helping current clients.

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