February 16, 2015

Show them how to safely increase their savings with a stroke of the pen

Final Expense

Example Case:

A female, age 65, has $10,000 saved for funeral expenses.

We sell her a Non-Medical Life policy that will grow. With her $10,000, the policy starts out with an immediate death benefit of $16,372, which can grow even larger.

If she changes her mind, she will have the principal back at end of 5 years!


$1,300 - $1,450
Write 1 of these a month and pick up an extra $15,600 - $17,400 in MAD MONEY per year!


  • Write the application
  • Complete Point of Sale phone interview
  • They do MIB check, then policy is issued! FAST!

Foresters “Your Legacy” – Single Premium Participating Whole Life


  • Single premium, participating whole life
  • Issue ages 0-85
  • Non-medical underwriting (tobacco, non-tobacco, and juvenile) with POS Decision
  • Substandard underwriting (tables 5-8)
  • Available ages 16-80
  • Minimum premiums:
    • ages 0-15 is $1,500
    • ages 16-29 is $5,000
    • ages 30-85 is $10,000

Contact Kirk for details!

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