April 26, 2016

Recently, an agent did “hit for the cycle” when using a Client Needs Assessment (CNA). In baseball, “the cycle” is of course hitting a single, double, triple and home run in the same game.

In this case, it’s 4 Sales

The single was a Medicare Supplement.


The Double

Our agent asked these CNA questions:

  1. Have you had a family member use home health care or go into a nursing home?
  2. How did they pay for it?
    -Savings and retirement funds
  3. How would you pay for it?
    -Not sure

Based on those answers, the agent introduced Life with LTC.

  • Client: Female, age 65
  • Death Benefit: $200,000
  • Monthly LTC Benefit: $8,000
  • Premium: $326/month

Life with LTC

  • No rate increases
  • Somebody is going to be paid - either the policyholder or the beneficiary
  • Very easy to understand

Contact Kirk for more details on Life with LTC.


The Triple

The third sale our agent “hit” in the CNA Cycle was a Final Expense life product.

CNA Question

Have you made any arrangements to take care of final expenses?
-No, I would like a small life insurance policy, just enough to pay for my funeral

We have several Final Expense carriers (all listed on our Quote Engine)

$10,000 Policy, Age  65
















Contact Kirk for Final Expense contracting.


The Home Run

The fourth sale in our agent’s cycle was a High Cash Value SP Whole Life policy.

CNA Question

“Are you satisfied with present rate of return on your investments?”

The agent ran the HCV-SP illustration comparison to their current CD, which was only making 0.75%

I think the numbers are eye opening. Commission for this product versus most 5 year fixed is over 2½ times more!



Current CD

Cash Value Year 5



Death Benefit Year 5



Cash Value Year 10



Death Benefit Year 10



Want to see the entire comparion?

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