March 3, 2015

Ask them the following:

  • Do you have money saved in the bank, or in annuities or mutual funds, that you would like to pass to your heirs on a more tax-efficient basis?
  • Are you interested in multiplying the amount that is eventually passed on to your heirs?
  • Do you have savings that you don't currently need for regular living expenses or to maintain your quality of life? 
  • Do you have money that you would like to pass to your favorite charity?
Single Premium Life Insurance illustration

Example Case:

  • Client: Female age 70 (Preferred, NT)
  • Single Premium: $50,000
  • Death Benefit: $146,429

If she kept that $50,000 in her CD at 2%, at age 90 she would have only $74,516.

Why write this product?

  • Excellent Commissions
  • A+ rated Carrier
  • We do all the legwork (quote your case, scrub and process your app, order all requirements and keep you informed of your case’s progress)

Most recent placed case:

  • Client: Female age 75 (approved Preferred NT)
  • Single Premium: $150,000
  • Death Benefit: $324,649
  • LTC Monthly Benefit: $12,986 (nice rider that provides your client a great monthly LTC benefit to protect assets)

Commission to agent:

Over $13,000


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