Planning for the Open Enrollment Period

How are you positioning yourself for this year's Open Enrollment Period?

Cross Selling

This year I hope every agent offers an ancillary product to their clients. Cancer plans are the easiest, and may be the perfect product for your client. Cancer affects almost every family in America and because 72% of expenses related to this disease are non-medical, it is the perfect product to consider.

What's a DVC Plan?

Recently we picked up a new product that I truly love. I like the product so much that I have bought it for myself. It is a Dental, Vision, and Cancer plan all wrapped into one. We've all heard of Dental, Vision, & Hearing (DVH) plans but I personally like the DVC plan better, since it covers cancer instead of hearing.

Final Expense Plans

We are experiencing our best year for final expense sales. This little add-on of an only $30-50 per month is something you should consider. Many seniors like putting this burden to bed and knowing their children will not be faced with out-of-pocket costs for their end-of-life expenses. Contact Kirk about a great contest that rewards final expense sales.

A Cross-Selling System

Our retail agency, Sams/Hockaday & Associates, recently adopted a new sales system that is proving to be simply unbelievable. We will add it to our future meetings, but if you have any questions of how to do more with your time, we have the solution.

Please set aside some time to plan your last quarter of the year, and reap the rewards of cross-selling. Your clients trust you and will be receptive to these real benefits to help with burdens when they occur.

Happy Selling!


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