July 14, 2017

We have an annuity carrier with a competitive rate and great perks, and it’s quite likely that none of your competitors are selling it.

If you want the upper-hand, this safe and guaranteed MYGA should be your new go-to product.

If we’re being honest, a good rate is often enough to sell us on a Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA).

But, there are several features built into this particular carrier’s contracts that really set them apart from the other carriers in the market.

Here are some of those stand-out features:

  • No Market Value Adjustments (MVAs)
  • Free interest withdrawals after 1 month

If your client wants to preserve their investment but still have access to some of it, the free interest withdrawal will be a big hit.

Your client will always know exactly how much money is invested, and they’ll know exactly how much they can take out. For those of us that like stability and predictability, this is a big selling point.

  • Free 15% withdrawals after 1 year

If you have a client who is wary of a multi-year term, this could help you win them over.

It’s pretty much unheard of to have access to a 15% free withdrawal. Most carriers will offer a 10% maximum.

Plus, the fact that it’s free — you don’t have to take an interest percentage hit — is a big plus. Some of our other popular annuities do not offer this perk.

  • The 7- and 10-year plans allow a free 15% withdrawal in the 1st year

If your client isn’t sure about the longer terms, this added bonus might be enough to get them to commit.

  • Full contract value at death
  • Additional premiums may be added (1st 90 days)
  • The 1-year term has a very competitive interest rate

Other MYGA competitors are generally 1.35 or 1.40%. And if you get a CD from a bank, you can expect a rate that’s less than 0.40%. This carrier is able to beat out everyone with a solid 1.50%.

Without further ado, here are the current interest rates:







1.50% APY

1.80% APY

2.10% APY

2.75% APY

2.90% APY

3.25 % APY

APY: Annual Percentage Yield

Give me a call at 217-233-8000, or email me at ksarff@nhmteam.net and we can go over this product and its potential commissions in greater detail.

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