June 2, 2015

We recently helped an agent with his client, a 65 year-old female with mild asthma (she takes Prednisone and Dexilant) and acid reflux. She's a former smoker, and has $50,000 in savings. She does NOT have a Long Term Care policy, and her husband is in average health.

Her agent quoted her as follows:

  • Standard Non-Tobacco (4th best rating)
  • Single Premium: $50,000
  • Life Insurance Death Benefit: $137,114
  • Monthly LTC Benefit: $5,485

Policy as Approved:

  • Super Preferred on Life, and Preferred on LTC rider
  • Single Premium: $50,000
  • Life Insurance Death Benefit: $199,712 45.6% increase!
  • Monthly LTC Benefit: $7,988 45.6% increase!

More and more agents are using the "hybrid" product to solve the LTC dilemma.  It's very easy for your client to understand and they love the fact that "somebody" is going to benefit from the insurance, no matter what!

Are you offering Life with LTC to your clients? If you don't understand the product well enough to sell it, contact me and I'll coach you.

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