November 4, 2014
Med Supp Cross Selling

Why not put that into a single premium life policy to increase the amount?

  • Client: 75 female
  • Single Premium: $10,000
  • Face amount: $15,251
  • Face amount in 10 years: $16,359
    *simplified issue….NO EXAM!


Offer them a Final Expense plan

Age 75, Female, Non-Smoker

Company Plan Name Rating Premium Monthly
Foresters PlanRight Level, Non-Smoker(Level) A $826.40 $72.31
Gleaner GBWL09 Graded, Non-Smoker(Graded) A- $977.80 $83.11
KSKJ Life Graded, Non-Smoker(Graded) NR $1,011.50 $85.98
KSKJ Life Select Level, Non-Smoker(Level) NR $692.80 $58.89
KSKJ Life Standard Level, Non-Smoker(Level) NR $886.30 $75.34

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