November 25, 2014
Med Supp Cross Selling

When your client is the breadwinner for their family, their death could mean financial hardship or ruin for their family. A term life insurance policy can provide an income to cover their mortgage, loans, education, and other bills their family would be faced with.

Your client can have maximum protection with minimal premiums.

Example Case

Here's a female, age 45, in the Preferred Best Non-Tobacco health class in Illinois. She wants a $500,000 policy, with a 20-year term, to be paid monthly.

20-Year Term Comparison*

American General AG Select-A-Term Preferred Plus Nontobacco $41.91
Banner Life OPTerm 20 Preferred Plus Non-Tobacco $42.00
Transamerica Trendsetter Super Preferred Plus $42.00
Genworth Colony Term Preferred Best No Nicotine Use $42.44
Lincoln National LifeElements (20 yrs) 2013 Preferred Plus NonTobacco $42.44
Cincinnati Life LifeHorizons Termsetter 20 Super Select + $45.76
Prudential Term Essential 20 Preferred Best Non Smoker $52.20
John Hancock John Hancock Term 20 Super Preferred Non-Smoke $53.25

*Rates as of 11/23/2014

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