Reflections From Jeff Sams: A 2020 New Horizons State of the Union

January 14, 2020

There's something about the year 2020 – it has a nice ring to it. Nothing excites me more than the beauty of starting with a fresh, new year. 

Once again, we find ourselves in the short days of winter asking ourselves, "How can we be better than we were last year?" 

Setting Goals for 2020

At the end of every year when I started out, I'd reflect back on how many policyholders I had, what my income was, and what I wanted to do for the next year. I want to encourage you if you haven't yet reflected on your goals for 2020. 

Personally, I think the accountability is best when you set goals for yourself. Whether you want to work more hours in the week or reach a new production goal, I encourage you to get those down on paper.

If you want to keep growing, it's critical to have some kinds of goals. From physical goals to spiritual goals to business goals, I think it's all important. 

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Product Lineup: Fully Loaded

As we jump into the year 2020, we are fully loaded with an incredible product line. New Horizons is expanding our footprint across America, and we have the players in place to give you the best premiums and commissions.

While it's always nice to have one of the big, name-brand carriers in your stable of companies, I love to have the Tier 2 carriers that are hungry for the business. Most of the time, they have fantastic rates and more favorable underwriting. 

Our goal at New Horizons Marketing is to make sure you are always in a perfect position to offer your clients the best product for their insurance needs. 

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Life & Annuity Department: Hitting New Records

Our Life & Annuity Department, under the leadership of Kirk Sarff, had our best year ever in 2019. Thank you, producers, for calling on Kirk to help you make more sales than we have ever recorded. 

Kirk has worked hard from the very beginning to be your one-stop-shop. His message has always been that he will help you write business and then do whatever it takes to get it across the finish line. 

We hear about cross-selling all the time, but it's a tough process to get in place. I am happy to tell you that the numbers we are seeing are because agents are, in many cases, stepping outside of their comfort zone to cross-sell when they're with their customers.

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Medicare Advantage: Not Slowing Down

In 2019, we found we have the best guy to be in charge of the Medicare Advantage market for NHM. Steve Spinner, Director of Medicare Advantage Sales, is 100% committed to helping the salesforce take full advantage of this growing market. 

Medicare Advantage has grown every year, and with our new MSA product from Lasso Healthcare, it's excellent to have a guy like Steve on your team.

We have every major player in the marketplace, and we are confident we can help you grow your book to meet the needs and wants of your customers. 

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Digital Marketing Team: More Content Than Ever

The individuals that make up our digital marketing team are amazing. We get the best feedback on the material our team consistently delivers to the field force. 

This team has put in place a plethora of articles, videos, and downloadable content that makes us a leader in the country. That may sound pretty bold, but multiple agents, insurance carriers, and yes, other FMO organizations have told us that we are the best. 

This excellent team has a goal to bring this service down to the street to help out agents that choose to do business with NHM. Please take a moment and go to our library of material – you will be amazed by the variety of materials we have for you.

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Staff: Growth On the Horizon

The staff that makes up NHM is what separates us from the field. We are very blessed to have people that have worked for us for many years, even decades. We have found good people that love this business, and they take great personal pride in what they do for all our agents. 

I can honestly say we are not perfect, but we treat our customers so well, they often think we are! 

We have plans to see significant growth in the year 2020, and our staff will be the backbone that makes that happen.

Producers: We Owe It All to You

We only exist because of the producers that choose to do business with NHM. We fully understand that we are wholly dependent on the rainmakers that place their business with us. 

Recently, mega conglomerates have bought so many organizations. We have chosen not to take their money as we like what we do, and we believe we want to continue the growth of NHM. 

We believe producers want to have a relationship with the folks they place their business with. We believe the same and trust that at the end of the day, we can grow our company only because we will treat the producers better than they can be treated anywhere else. That is our goal, and we hope our actions speak louder than our words.

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Our Pledge

2020 would be a great year to be in the optometrist business (you didn't think I'd leave you without a corny joke, did you?), but we are in insurance marketing. 

We pledge to do our very best to help you achieve growth in your business. 2020 is the year, but our vision is to be the best FMO in the market place.

Thank you, and good selling!

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