November 11, 2014
Med Supp Cross Selling

Use our Life Insurance Review worksheet to record the pertinent information found on your client’s last statement.

Life Insurance Review worksheet
Company Death Benefit Cash Surrender Value Premium Policy Lapse
ABC $25,000 $17,280 $350 (AN) Lifetime
XYZ $100,000 $11,420 $1,400 (AN) 2020 (6 yrs)


Using the Cash Value for 1035 exchange

1. John Hancock Protection Life with LTC rider
Death Benefit of $125,000 with monthly LTC benefit of $6,000 - with same annual premium!

2. $125,000 Life policy
With reduced annual premium

Both policies would solidify the policy lapse concern of the client.

Commission: $4,000+

The above is not the most glamorous case, but the agent is offering stability and added benefits. Take the time to help your current Medicare clients.

We will help you all the way! You write the application and we’ll do all the legwork.

Med Supp Cross-Selling Cheat Sheet Download Life Insurance Review worksheet

Med Supp Cross-Selling Cheat Sheet Download Med Supp Cross-Selling Cheat Sheet

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