2 Tips to Help You Through AEP
October 9, 2020

October 15th marks a big day for all of us in the senior market, and our team here at New Horizons is here to be your support.

I'd like to share two quick tips with you to help you through, and I hope you have an incredible and prosperous selling season!


Hey guys, this is John Hockaday here at New Horizons, and you know what? It's AEP.

It came around again! It just seems like we're doing it again, and we sure are.

I've got two quick tips. This time of year, for most of us, it's the most productive time of year. No doubt about it – our numbers show that.

But also, alongside of that, it is the most stressful six weeks for a lot of us during this AEP. So, how do you handle that?

How do you make the most out of AEP without just dreading it? Here are two quick tips.

Stay on the Day

One day at a time. Just stay on the day.

I get in so much trouble daily when I look down the road, and the worries start piling in. I think, "Gosh, I can't do it! I can't keep up!" It gets overwhelming.

You know what? If I can just stay on the day, I can get an awful lot done in a day.

Don't let yesterday climb in here – keep tomorrow over there – and just focus right here in the middle. This day.


The Most Important Person In the World Is Right In Front Of You

The second thing is, and I've heard this a long time ago from somebody and it just stuck with me, but a guy asked me one time, "Who's the most important person in the world?" I thought, "I don't know?"

The person I'm talking to right now.

The person that's right across from you right now is the most important person in the world, right?

And really, this time of year, he is! He's your customer. You want to do the very best you can for him. You want to be able to put them first.

So, those are the two things:

  1. Live one day at a time – stay on this day
  2. Make that person across from you the most important person in the world

We've got your back. Call us – we're in there paddling with you. If you get overwhelmed, give us a buzz. We'll jump in there and work right alongside you and help any way that we can. Have a great, great AEP.

Good selling.

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