Watch the Jargon! Do Your Clients Understand You?
July 7, 2020

A friendly reminder from New Horizons Insurance Marketing!

The insurance industry is full of jargon and acronyms. While we as agents understand it, we have to remember our clients don't. Be sure to speak in language that makes sense to them.


Parts A, B, C, and D. DVH or DVC? Med Supp. MA. STC/Recovery Care. Medigap. Life with LTC. MAPD. IUL. Zero-premium MSA. Look up your PDP on CMS!

Lump sum policy. HCVSP. Final expense. LTC. Level. MYGAs. Graded. LTCi. Modified. SPIAs. Guaranteed Issue. FIAs. Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy.

And let's not forget Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N!

(It makes a whole lot more sense if you watch the video!)

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