October 6, 2015

One of our agents recently went out door-knocking. Our cold-call case of the week shows us why Life Insurance Reviews are so good for agents and clients.

The client is a 73 year old female, non-smoker. She had the following policies in effect.

Current Life Insurance Policies

Policy Premium Cash Value Death Benefit
Policy #1 $9,379* $237,791 $560,184
Policy #2 $3,029* $118,937 $262,223
Policy #3 None $36,788 $49,092
Total $12,408* $393,516 $871,499
*semi-annual premium

If we take her cash value of $393,516 and drop it into a new policy with John Hancock, we have 5 really great options to choose from.

Options with John Hancock

Description Death Benefit LTC monthly benefit
1. Everything the same (apples to apples) $1,475,209 None
2. No Premium, Life Only $835,992 None
3. No Premium, Life with LTC $786,640 $31,466
4. $3,183* premium, Life Only $1,000,000 None
5. $4,513* premium, Life with LTC $1,000,000 $40,000
*semi-annual premium

This is a case with a HUGE COMMISSION!

Contact me for details.

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