July 19, 2016

There's a serious need for long term care insurance, but as you may be aware, the LTCi market sort of collapsed a few years ago. This was due to products being priced incorrectly due to incorrect assumptions, resulting in huge rate increases. In short, people couldn't afford it.

Life with LTC

But, the need is still there. Are you ignoring the Long Term Care needs of your clients because of past rate increases, or maybe because you really don’t know where to turn?

While stand-alone LTCi policies are no longer the norm, other products are becoming more popular. We are finding that many agents and clients are turning to Life Insurance with LTC rider benefits.

Why Life with LTC?

Here is some feedback from agents and clients as to why Life with LTC is an integral part of what we offer at New Horizons.

  • Easy to understand (benefit and premium)
  • Love the fact that somebody is going to use the insurance (somebody is going to be paid)
  • No rate increases
  • Really like the ability to use money in existing life policies to help reduce the premium on a Life/LTC policy

If you’re ready to get started in helping your clients with a solution to the Long Term Care problem, contact us.

Life w/LTCi Training

If you need training, we invite you to visit our home office for one-on-one training to get you comfortable offering this valuable product. Contact me for details!


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