New Medicare Agents: 13 Common FAQs
January 2, 2024

Over the years, I’ve noticed a few trends when it comes to agent questions. I often get asked the same types of questions by both new and existing agents, and I thought it’d be useful to put them all in one place.

After all, if so many agents have asked the same question, you might be wondering the same thing!

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If I work with New Horizons, am I captive?

All of our agents are independent. Our philosophy is that we work for the agent. You are free to choose us for one product and another FMO for another.

Obviously, we want to dive as deep as possible with you and help you grow your business, but you are completely independent.

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How do I get Medicare leads?

Thanks to our partnership with Integrity, all of our contracted agents have access to LeadCENTER.

realtime campaigns lead types

LeadCENTER is a valuable resource for purchasing high-quality Medicare leads. You can learn more about LeadCENTER here: How to Use LeadCENTER To Grow Your Business

What type of products do you market?

We market insurance products for independent agents across the country with a focus in the senior market.

We are not just a Medicare FMO. Medicare Supplements are what we are known for in this market, but we are a one-stop shop for the senior market agent with products like:

What’s my Medicare Supplement commission schedule?

All of our agents are completely independent. We don’t handle any of the money – the commission is passed directly from the carrier to the agent.

Commission is different from carrier to carrier as well as state to state. Based on our production as a national FMO and our partnership with Integrity, we are able to get all the top contracts, which means we can give the agents the best contracts out there.

What states are you licensed in?

Currently, we are licensed in 46 states.

Please let us know what state you are in or what state you want to get in, and chances are we will get contracted there to better serve you.

If I don’t have an out-of-state license and want to write a policy there, what do I do?

We hold licenses in 46 states, so if you have a client in a state where you don’t hold a non-resident license, we will be happy to assist you.

We have the capabilities in the office to write your customer, and we will just split the commission with you.

What do you do for training?

We are currently working on developing a training program for new agents, but in the meantime, we have lots of resources right here on our website.

We have webinars, a ton of product info on our website, and agents in the office are more than willing to help with underwriting or whatever other questions an agent might have.

Feel free to browse the training materials already available here on our site: Training & Tip Sheets

Unlock Access to the Medicare Supplement Training Hub

Are there any current cash incentives for Med Supp sales?

There are always cash bonuses, trip incentives, and contests going on. You can view the most up-to-date incentives on our Incentives page. This is regularly updated.

Please note you must be registered and be signed in to our website to view this page.

Do you help agents with underwriting hurdles?

We often get questions about specific medical conditions and tricky client cases. We’ve seen almost everything, which means it’s way easier to call us up and explain your situation than it is to research it on your own.

Simply call into our office (888-780-7676) and ask for John Hockaday. We’re happy to help with tough-to-place clients.

If you happen to have a question about a life case, ask for Kirk Sarff. He’ll be more than happy to help you place your case.

I want to get contracted with a new company. Where do I get contracting paperwork?

If you’re interested in getting contracted with a new carrier, you can request it on our website. Simply find the product you’re interested in and select a carrier from the grid. Each carrier’s page has a contracting form.

If you need multiple carriers or aren’t sure which ones are the best, give us a call and ask for me (Tyler Petersen). I can ensure your portfolio has the most competitive carriers on the market.

You can also schedule a meeting on my calendar by clicking the banner below:

Schedule an Onboarding Call

What license do I need to sell Medicare insurance?

In order to sell Medicare Supplements, you need your health license, but some states require an additional Medicare line (or equivalent) if you want to sell Medicare Supplements. 

To get your health license, you'll first have to complete prelicensing education requirements. Once you take the exam at the testing facility and pass it, you apply for your license with your state.

You can read more about licensing and how to become a Medicare insurance agent here: What License Do You Need to Sell Medicare Supplements?

How do you become a successful Medicare agent?

We often get asked – what’s the secret? How do the agents at the top of the production report do it? And after many years of talking to agents and fine-tuning our own processes, the answer boils down to the following:

  • Use a Client Needs Assessment with every client every time you see them
  • Use an education-first approach – the sales will come naturally
  • Cross-sell (especially annuities!) and ensure your customers know all of the products you offer
  • Ask for referrals every time
  • Get help when you need it – an intern or assistant during AEP can make a world of difference
  • Have a website to establish credibility and ensure people can find you

You can read a lot more about these topics here: 5 Medicare Sales Tips You Need In Your Arsenal

Guide your appointment with the Client Needs Assessment

Why is New Horizons better than another FMO?

For a full overview of what makes us different, visit our Why Us? page. Ultimately, we know what independent insurance agents like yourself are looking for:

  • Competitive rates and A-rated carriers
  • Top commissions
  • Training and support
  • Tools and technology
  • Tough-to-place business help & underwriting niche advice
  • A top-of-the-line quote engine
  • Excellent bonuses, trips, and contests
  • Marketing materials
  • A great relationship with your FMO

And I’m super proud to say that we deliver on all of these things.


At the end of the day, New Horizons is all about relationships.

We were founded by agents working for the agent, and with us, you’ll find that we value our relationship with you over anything else. And that’s what truly sets us apart.

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