These are the pun-laden Valentine's Day cards you didn't know you needed.
January 31, 2022

These are the pun-laden Valentine's Day cards you didn't know you needed.

There's no better way to tell your spouse or special someone you love them than with a corny Valentine's Day card. The problem is, the cards you can buy at your local drugstore aren't specific to Medicare agents. So, we decided to create them.

Share them on social media and print them to delight the loved ones in your life.


Download Your Corny Valentine's Day Cards Now


1. I Medi-Care for You


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2. You Supplement Me

Valentine Card - You Supplement Me

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3. You’re the Part A to my Part B


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4. Be My Copayer


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5. You had me at AEP


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6. You meet my deductible


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7. I’d go out of pocket for you


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8. I insure a good time


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9. I long-term-care for you


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10. I’d give you a 30-day free look period


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How to Use The Valentine's Day Cards

Once you find a card that speaks to you, you need to download it, print it, cut along the line, and fold it in half. 

To download the cards, click the image below.

Download Your Corny Valentine's Day Cards Now

Once you've downloaded them, click Print.

Then, determine which page your favorite card is on, and adjust the Print settings so it only prints that page. For example, if you like the card on Page 6, put "From: 6 to 6" in your print settings.

How to print the card you want

After you print the card, cut along the line.

Cutting your valentines day card

Then, fold it in half.

Folding your valentines day card

Add a love note, and enjoy!

Finished valentines day card


We hope these light-hearted cards brighten your day and make Valentine's Day a little extra special this year.

Don't forget to download them by clicking the image below:

Download Your Corny Valentine's Day Cards Now

Happy Valentine's Day!

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