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Why the Lasso MSA Is the Perfect Product For Hawaii Insurance Agents

October 1, 2020

For independent insurance agents in Hawaii, the available Medicare health products aren't that great. If you're looking for the best option for your Medicare-eligible clients in Hawaii, we're…

Step-by-Step Agent Sales Guide for the Lasso Healthcare MSA

October 1, 2020

Any time there's a brand new product on the market like the Lasso Healthcare MSA, there's a learning curve. While we're headed into our second year with Lasso, it's still a very new product!

Selling the Lasso Healthcare MSA: Interview With Linda Sprague

October 1, 2020

Steve Spinner discusses the Lasso Healthcare MSA with agent Linda Sprague. Listen to their discussion about selling the Lasso Healthcare MSA, the history of the MSA product, and why 65-year-olds are…

What If a Doctor or Hospital Says They Don't Take Lasso Healthcare's MSA?

October 1, 2020

The fear of many agents and consumers is that new products in the Medicare space will pose problems with providers. This is a very valid concern, and Lasso Healthcare takes it very seriously.

What Is the Lasso Hospital Indemnity Plan (HIP), and How Does It Work?

October 1, 2020

Lasso Plus HIP is Lasso Healthcare's new Hospital Indemnity Plan (HIP) designed to compliment the MSA perfectly. How? It helps offset the delta between the deposit and the deductible.

4 Sales Scenarios That Will Help You Sell the Lasso MSA

October 1, 2019

I've embraced the Lasso Healthcare MSA with open arms, because I can see the massive benefits it has for individuals 65+. I know there are some agents out there who haven't warmed up to the MSA, so I…

How Much Do Medical Services Actually Cost With the Lasso MSA?

September 10, 2019

While Lasso Healthcare MSA policyholders do have the help of an annually funded deposit, many start to wonder... how much do medical services actually cost? How fast will my clients blow through…

Video: Learning e-Apps – Lasso Healthcare MSA Application

February 18, 2019

The ease of use with the Lasso Healthcare e-app is what we'll go through today. As you'll see, the e-application is incredibly simple to use – it only takes about 10 minutes. My video walkthrough…

Can a Veteran On VA Benefits Get the Lasso MSA?

November 8, 2018

The brand-new Lasso Medical Savings Account (MSA) is gaining a ton of traction, which means we're starting to get more in-depth questions about the product. Are veterans who utilize VA benefits…

Lasso MSA Roundtable: Agents and Brokers Share Their Early Successes

October 30, 2018

In this Lasso MSA Roundtable, I (Steve Spinner) talked with Rob Pastore and Greg Reif to understand their early sales successes.