How long since you called?

After Memorial Day weekend for me it is officially the start of summer. I hope you have great family time set aside, but at the very least just go see your customers, and don't take the whole summer off!
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Medicare versus Medicare Advantage

One of the frequent questions being bounced around out there is "What's best - a traditional Medicare Supplement or the Medicare Advantage program?"
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Performance Over Price

I have been in the medicare supplement arena since the early 80's and remember selling a supplement to someone over 65. I had to ask them to double-cover themselves for 6 months because of the waiting period on ...
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Don't be afraid to change your course

A while back I heard of a story involving a night at sea. A ship's Captain saw what looked like the lights of another ship heading toward him. He signaled, "Change your direction 10 degrees south." The reply came back, ...
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