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Video: How to copy the “Medicare & You” handbook to your phone for quick access

September 23, 2014

The Medicare & You booklet is around 160 pages, so maybe you'd prefer not to keep a thick book with you in the field. If you carry a smartphone or tablet, you can easily keep a copy there if you need.

Do your current clients have life insurance with another agent?

August 26, 2014

Do you need a reason to offer a Life Insurance Review for your current Medicare Supplement clients?

Who are your clients - anyone over 65?

July 29, 2014

Say you are in the market for a brand new Ford F-150. You walk into one auto dealership, and you see that they have a selection of Fords, Chevys, Dodges, Hondas, a BMW, a Harley, some ATVs &.

Have you offered your current clients a Life Insurance Review?

July 23, 2014

Agent:  “Do you have Life Insurance”?

Introducing the Interactive Field Underwriting Guide

July 15, 2014

Not all life insurance cases involve the age 65 female with NO health issues and NO meds. Your cases involve real people with real medical conditions. Use this tool to get a feel for how John.

Video: How to host online meetings with your prospects

July 8, 2014

Sometimes it isn't convenient or even possible to meet with a client or prospect. Maybe you're out of town, they're out of town, or for whatever reason it just isn't feasible to meet face to face..

Plan F or G? How to Decide Which Med Supp Plan to Sell

July 1, 2014

There aren't many differences between Medicare Supplement Plan F & Plan G. This probably isn’t news to you, but let’s have a look at how they're different, and help you determine which plan you.

Contracting is a huge pain - there’s a better way

June 23, 2014

Contracting stinks. It’s a necessary evil at best, an extreme waste of time at worst. You might prefer kicking the leg of a coffee table with your pinky toe 5 times in a row rather than fill out.

You have to be kidding me - they’re millionaires?

June 18, 2014

My generation grew up with name brand recognition – if you wore Levi's over any other brand of jean, you were cool. We still live in a society that looks differently at people driving a Mercedes.

Coaching basketball and selling insurance

June 17, 2014

I coached D-1 college basketball for 16 years. Part of my job was to recruit the best players possible that “fit” our program. I talked to literally hundreds of High School coaches during that time..