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Roe Skidmore

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Get on board, this train is rolling!

March 9, 2015

My entire career in selling has been spent trying to figure out how to make things easy and simple for my clients, while at the same time, attempting to look "smart and intelligent" in the process.…

What senior-market agents should know about trusts

December 12, 2014

Even though trusts are usually created with the help of a client’s attorney, we, as financial professionals, should have a basic knowledge of trusts and understand that many of our clients are either…

A Year-End Tax Planning Idea to Suggest to Your Clients

December 10, 2013

As insurance professionals, many of our clients want to talk to us about taxes, and our conversations naturally gravitate toward reducing tax liabilities.

We Give Money – We Don’t Take It!

July 1, 2013

After having spent over 12 years playing professional baseball and worrying only about hitting the curve ball, and afterwards spending nearly 37 years in the insurance industry, I often find myself…